California Healthy Housing Coalition

California Breathing is proud to be a founding member of the California Health Housing Coalition (CHHC), a collaborative of diverse agencies, organizations and individuals providing leadership to improve the health of housing in California. The Coalition has three work groups: Code Enforcement, Healthy Homes Indicators, and Green, Healthy, Affordable Housing.

Code Enforcement 

The Code Enforcement Work Group is currently involved in policy and education activities related to pest infestation, limiting the use of sprayed pesticides at home and clarifying the legal definitions of infestation. We welcome participation from anyone interested in addressing these and other housing-related health issues using the companion approaches of educational outreach and development of best practices.

Healthy Homes Indicators

The Healthy Homes Indicators Work Group is charged with identifying successful strategies for improving the healthfulness of housing, and clarifying indications that success has occurred.  To see some of the work group’s resources, click on the “resources” link below.

Green, Healthy and Affordable Housing

CA Healthy Housing Coalition members believe housing should be developed, sited, built and maintained in a manner that is environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable for owners and occupants alike. Weatherization programs, the new CA Green Building Code, activists, builders and local governments all have an opportunity to ensure housing meets these criteria. The Green, Healthy and Affordable Work Group is engaged in educational activities to help us determine successful strategies for achieving green, affordable, healthy housing in California communities.


To learn more about CCHC or to become a member, visit the coalition's website: