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  • Asthma in California: A Surveillance Report 2013
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Did You Know

  • Children in Imperial County visit the Emergency Department for asthma at a rate nearly 3 times higher than the state average.

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  • The California Environmental Health Tracking Program (CEHTP) web portal is the place to find infomation about asthma and other health outcomes impacted by environmental exposures.

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  • People with asthma are exposed to a variety of asthma triggers at home. Find out what may be causing symptoms in your your home. 

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California County Asthma Statistics

  • Asthma ED Visits per 10,000 Residents by Age, Compared to HP2020 Targets, California and San Diego County, 2014

    AgesSan Diego CountyCaliforniaHP2020
    0-4 93.1 103.4 95.7
    5-64 32.7 47.0 49.6
    65+ 28.0 36.1 13.7

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    Data Source: Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), 2014.

Air Quality Map