AIR (Achievements in Respiratory) Health Awards

Nominations now open for 2014 awards--due April 25, 2014.

About the AIR Health Awards

Approximately 16.2 per cent of California school aged children, ages 5 to 17, have been diagnosed with asthma.  Many of these students attend schools with environmental conditions that exacerbate their asthma.  There is also an economic impact: asthma-related student absenteeism costs California schools approximately $31 million in lost revenue each year.   Despite these troubling realities, many schools, in economically wealthy and poor districts, alike, are successfully addressing environmental conditions, circumventing problems, and achieving impressive results.

The Achievements in Respiratory (AIR) Health Awards program, now in its fourth year, recognizes and reward schools and school districts that have created healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) and asthma-safe environments for students and staff.  Each year, on National Healthy Schools Day (which takes place in April), up to 15 schools and three school districts are announced as award recipients.  Schools receive up to $2000 and districts receive $5000 to expand their IAQ improvement practices.

Anyone familiar with a schoolÂ’s or districtÂ’s accomplishments (e.g. non-profit organizations, school administers, nurses, teachers, facilities staff, PTAs, parents) can submit a nomination.  The award criteria address such issues as:

  • Staff education on IAQ and asthma triggers
  • Reduction in indoor and, to the extent possible, outdoor asthma triggers
  • Well-functioning ventilation systems
  • Unique circumstances that distinguish the school or district

Nominations are now open for 2014. Visit our nomination page to learn about eligibility and to download nomination forms.