Previously Funded SPIG Recipients

2010-2012 SPIG Grantees

  • American Lung Association of California: recruited and trained health care professionals on the health effects of outdoor air pollution and involved them in San Jose's Community Risk Reduction Program
  • ChildStart Inc: Assessed Head Start classrooms in Sonoma and Napa counties for asthma triggers, mitigated triggers, and provided asthma education for classroom teachers
  • Environmental Health Coalition: Recruited and trained San Diego's Barrio Logan community residents on the health effects of community planning  so they could participate in a local community planning process. 
  • Shasta Head Start: performed inspections of their Head Start classrooms, removed asthma triggers, and provide asthma education to classroom teachers and parents of children with asthma.

2008-2010 SPIG Grantees

  • Californians for Pesticide Reform: Educate Los Angeles tenants and landlords, assist nonprofit housing managers in switching to integrated pest management, and develop and implement state and local policies that minimize home pesticide use.
  • Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice: Eeducate community residents in a 10 week environmental health course, develop neighborhood assessment and policy teams.
  • Fresno County Department of Public Health: Recruit diverse stakeholders to add a health element to their general plan, create a toolkit for use by planners, hold community and media events, and identify strategies to improve air quality and reduce asthma risks and include in plan.
  • INMED/Mothernet LA: increase access to safe play spaces for African American children with asthma. They partnered with the Parks and Recreation department and schools to increase access to play space and provided health education about asthma and obesity prevention to parents and children.
  • Pacific Institute: Built capacity among community leaders in West Oakland by developing a series of workshops on Port of Oakland operations, supported the development of community-identified solutions, and developed a curriculum on freight transportation.
  • Shasta County Public Health Department:  Educated residents and managers of senior mobile home parks on the benefits of smoke-free policies. They also provided asthma education to residents in partnership with the American Lung Association in California.
  • Sonoma County Asthma Coalition: Trained housing code enforcement staff on indoor air quality issues and created resources on housing and asthma for Sonoma County‚Äôs Environmental Health Division website.